Friday, October 16, 2009


Halloween has got to be one of the best holidays. Kids go crazy over costumes and candy. My daughter is just aching to have a party this year and while money is tight, I have found that you can make a kids party out of basically nothing and they will have a great time. I personally love cooking. I love to get in there and figure out new things to make and Halloween is a great time for experimenting. This time of year all the magazines have great tips for treats to make and even easy decorations. I think the best thing to do is have your kids help you come up with ideas for the party. They come up with some pretty cool things and almost always they are activities that involve next to no money to create! Some examples are 1. bobbing for apples, 2. musical chairs, 3. hot potatoe can be transformed into many passing games (mini pumpkins are great for a halloween game),4. pin the tail on the donkey (also can be changed for a more appropriate holiday theme). Be creative, get the kids involved and have some fun!!! Also a great idea for prizes, create a few ( only a few so its special) treats to give out to the winners of the games instead of spending money on toys.

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